About Us

Automotive Solutions began in the late nineties when a small group of independent automotive repaircentres wanted to make sure that their businesses would remain relative now andinto the future.

This not so small group nownumbers forty members and is rapidly growing!

Our cornerstones ofIndependence and networking have benefited our repair centres and theircustomers. We have regular meetings throughout the year sharing best practisein the running of our business's and servicing and repair of our customerscar's.
To become an Automotive Solutions member a repair centre and it's owners must demonstrate integrity, a genuine interest in the Automotive industry and a willingness to participate in the group.

All Automotive Solutions repair centres are MTA [Motor Trade Association] Members and abide by the MTA's code of ethics and standards. So what does all this mean for our customers? It means being able to deal with professional people who really do care, have integrity, have well equipped workshop's, staff who are technically up to date, and have the backing of the Automotive Solutions repair network.