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"My car misfires sometimes." "The engine won't start at times." "The engine surges, but only first thing in the morning." "It runs fine until it is hot." "It only misfires going up a really steep hill." Intermittent failures are frustrating both for you, the vehicle owner and ourselves, the vehicle repairer. They are also a fact of life in the modern vehicle, with multiple electronic micro-processors, sensors, actuators, kilometres of wiring and CAN data bus systems all talking to each other at...

February 16, 2017

Automotive Solutions Conference Christchurch 2014

It's a beautiful day in Christchurch to kick off the Automotive Solutions 2014 conference. 43 attendees here making it one of our largest conferences yet.Looking forward to the networking and learning that comes with every conferenceCheersSteve Rossiter ...

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